Since 1990, we provide our clients high quality custom event and construction fences.

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With the widest product line and best trained personal, we will help to get the right product for any event or construction application

Over 27 years experience

We’ve been in business for over 27 years and our staff is well trained in providing the best solution for your application.

Quality Materials

We only provide the highest quality and high grade fencing. We also carry lines of products that are only unique to Fencer Fence Rentals.

High Professional Standard

We ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their installations. Our staff is available to ensure you get the right fence for your event or construction application.


We Listened! Over the years, feedback from our Special Event customers told us they wanted a fence that would add an element of prestige and class to their event.We took their requests to the drawing board and perfected a unique design that would allow us to blend a look indigenous to BC, with red cedar, and combine the urban look of steel.


Highly visible and perfect for any phase of construction. Our rust free and rust proof red construction fences are the most durable in the industry. This fence can be utilized for any applications and is excellent for Tree Protection. Durable Panels, Red Constructions Fence, Heavy Grade Galvanized Fencing, Custom Applications.


Add an element of prestige to your event. Our 4ft and 6ft Cedar Special Event Fence is attractive for any event application. Our fences are completely adaptable for any application such as Wheelchair Ramps, Beer Gardens, Queue Fencing that can be configured for any size of line up and fencing off pool areas in an attractive manner. This is a great product for a perimeter during special events and for VIP hosting areas. We have a wide selection of Stage Fencing, Crowd Control Fencing, Cedar and Steel Fencing and Privacy Screens


Our products can be installed in almost any terrain and overcome most barriers. We have a wide variety of support systems to achieve the needed outcome. Our fence can be adapted for special applications, Brand Scrim, Privacy Screen and Various types of Gates. For added security we can also install clamps the can only be accessed from inside the fence line and prevent lifting of panels.


Our event quality Portable Toilets is perfect for any event. We carry Handicap Portables, Hand-Washing Stations and Grey Water Holding Tanks. We offer competitive rates and all include hand sanitizers.

Customized Installations for any Event or Construction Needs

Our team is sensitive to your needs and familiar with last minute requests. Our commitment to problem-solving and showcasing your event is number one.